How do I submit a photograph for the site?

If you have a photograph, or a collection of photos that you would like to submit and see featured on WorldPhotoSeries, you can either email your photo, along with a title, the location of where the photo was taken and a 50-250 word description of the photo to or fill out our contact form and attach the photo with the form along with your description of the photo.

Photos submitted should be in JPEG format, however both TIFF and RAW files will also be accepted. The minimum size of each photograph should be at least 360×360 in size, though photos around 1024×768 are preferred.

While we make every effort to display as many photographs as possible, your submission does not guarantee that we will use it on the site. Please do not submit photographs that you do not hold the copyright for, as these cannot be used on the site. Copyright of all photographs on the site remain with their respective owners.